Medical Coding

NCCI, MUE, MR, CERT and Recovery Audits cost Medicare facilities anywhere between $10K to $100K per quarter. The complex denials are usually 5 times the value of the automated denials i.e. nearly $1k on an average. Out of the claims rejected, 89% claims are for inpatient treatments.

Appeals reviews have 50% chances of being successful with a minimum review time of 60 to 90 days.

- RACTrac survey, Dec 2013, AHA

Realizing appropriate payment for services is a challenge for healthcare providers, and it is becoming increasingly difficult. With higher self-pay and compliance increasing exponentially, there is greater opportunity for risk. Medical coding is a key activity that impacts the financial health of your practice. Without specialized expertise, focus, and an infrastructure to support the process, you are only increasing your exposure to risk.

Our continuous efforts to improve our coding and compliance through education, audits, and industry updates separate us from the competition. With our dedicated team of experienced & certified medical coders, we can provide you with the highest quality professional and facility coding services.

Coding Service

  • Our coders perform at a 95% or better accuracy rate across the organization.
  • CPT-4, ICD-9/10 and HCPCS level II & DRG Coding.
  • In-Patient/Out Patient & Emergency Room.
  • Expertise in all Specialties, including Home Health and Hospice.
  • AAPC, AHIMA & BCHH-C (Home health & Hospice) certified coding resources.
  • Coding as per National Correct Coding Initiative (NCCI) and Local Coverage Decision (LCD).
  • Resources includes Medical Doctors, RNs and Pharmacists amongst other science graduates.
  • Turn-around time of 24 to 48 hours depending upon specialty.
  • Separate Quality & Compliance team.
  • Regular updates to clients on policy changes.

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  • Lab Services has increased revenue and efficiency in our practice while providing reliable services. I feel secure knowing that 3Gen Consulting is watching over our business while we watch over my patients. The comprehensive reviews by their experienced coders have been very helpful to our practice. Working with 3Gen Consulting reassures us that our billing is accurate and complete. We know their coders are capturing all the appropriate charges and minimizing the potential adverse consequences of overbilling.

    - Irene Davis

    Administrator (Lab Services) Chicago, IL

  • "3Gen Consulting is not just our client but rather has been an integral part of the success story of our company and we are delighted with this partnership and intend to continue to grow our business with our preferred partner in the years to come". Our progressive increase in Coding accuracy is a direct result of the accurate and professional services provided by 3Gen Consulting."

    - Susan Smith

    Director of Coding Services, Multispecialty Billing Group NY

  • We are pleased with your team having excellent knowledge, tools, technologies and the most of it the experience starting from eligibility, charges, remittance posting, coding, collection to reconciliation. My satisfaction purely reflects in my finances.. We have been very happy with your work and the immediate responses from your staff in regards to our simplest needs. Long way to go...

    - Linda Smith

    Manager, Large Medical Billing Company in IL

  • The timelines and chronologies are customized according to the guidelines provided. Great job! The analytical and logical summaries from 3 Gen exceed my expectations as a QME. Good job Team.

    - V. Patel

    MD, Chicago, IL

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