Denial Managememt/AR Follow up & Complainces

Most billing companies lose revenue each year, all thanks to poor or no follow-up with the various insurance companies. Also, many billing companies have limited resources to manage the large volume of unpaid insurance claims, and obtaining reimbursement can be a painstakingly long process.

Revenue Cycle and Profit margins are the lifeline of medical services. The health and success of your services is proportionate to the efficiency of your revenue cycle. 3Gen offers you skilled resources that specialize in accounts receivable as well as denial management. Extensive knowledge and experience of medical billing across multiple specialties, various insurances and various denials makes us a predominant driver of your timely cash flow. Our teams strive for the best results. Swift collections and improved cash flow is ensured through our AR management services.

With highly skilled & trained associates and cutting edge technology, 3Gen can enhance the provider's revenue and sequentially increase the organization's bottom line by payment processing, better AR management by reducing turnaround days, claims submission improving collection ratio and increase the probability of payment through timely follow-up.

Denial Management – Maximizing Reimbursements

Denied claims result in absolute loss for the medical service providers. We work closely with clearinghouses to ensure that the unpaid claims are negligible and clean claims are submitted in a timely manner. Our Data and Calling teams work impeccably to reduce denials.

We have a systematic and a highly efficient service team designed for perfect claims management. We proficiently maximize unpaid claims collection and rigorously tap into every opportunity to convert it into Cash Flow.

Our billing team ensures that there are minimal or no rejections due to rectifications.

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  • Lab Services has increased revenue and efficiency in our practice while providing reliable services. I feel secure knowing that 3Gen Consulting is watching over our business while we watch over my patients. The comprehensive reviews by their experienced coders have been very helpful to our practice. Working with 3Gen Consulting reassures us that our billing is accurate and complete. We know their coders are capturing all the appropriate charges and minimizing the potential adverse consequences of overbilling.

    - Irene Davis

    Administrator (Lab Services) Chicago, IL

  • "3Gen Consulting is not just our client but rather has been an integral part of the success story of our company and we are delighted with this partnership and intend to continue to grow our business with our preferred partner in the years to come". Our progressive increase in Coding accuracy is a direct result of the accurate and professional services provided by 3Gen Consulting."

    - Susan Smith

    Director of Coding Services, Multispecialty Billing Group NY

  • We are pleased with your team having excellent knowledge, tools, technologies and the most of it the experience starting from eligibility, charges, remittance posting, coding, collection to reconciliation. My satisfaction purely reflects in my finances.. We have been very happy with your work and the immediate responses from your staff in regards to our simplest needs. Long way to go...

    - Linda Smith

    Manager, Large Medical Billing Company in IL

  • The timelines and chronologies are customized according to the guidelines provided. Great job! The analytical and logical summaries from 3 Gen exceed my expectations as a QME. Good job Team.

    - V. Patel

    MD, Chicago, IL

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